Let traffic police act on errant drivers of govt vehicles

Tuesday July 30 2019

A traffic police officer demonstrates t

A traffic police officer demonstrates to the deputy Inspector General of Police, Maj Gen Sabiiti Muzeeyi how a gadget can track errant motorists in June last year. Behind them is Dr Kasiima, the director of traffic in the police force. Police Photo/File 

By Percy Mulamba

As the cries and echoes are being raised every other day on the rate of motor accidents and road rage in the country, the public wants to see traffic police take a firm action against drivers of government vehicles.

Drivers of government vehicles exhibit the highest rate of recklessness and indiscipline on the roads. All bad habits of not respecting traffic rules and regulations, for instance, driving on road shoulders, overtaking at sharp bends, and speeding, among others. It is as if other road users owe an explanation to the drivers of government vehicles why they should use the same road with them.

This situation is worsened by the apparent respect the traffic officers seem to have for government vehicle drivers. It is rare to see traffic officers check these errant drivers even in open and glaring circumstances when they should have been brought to book.

Traffic police officers are more interested in the private-owned and commercial vehicles. This has given drivers of government-owned vehicles a sense of entitlement to harass other motorists. Moreover, the government vehicles they drive are bought and maintained by taxpayers’ money.

Government loses a lot of money through periodic maintenance of its vehicles, which are poorly handled by drivers. Can we see government coming up with a stringent action against drivers of its vehicles. The traffic police should not apply double standards on the road offenders.

Percy Mulamba,