Mr President, Uganda needs genuine reforms

Monday May 13 2019

By Fulgentius N. Lugemwa

Let me take this opportunity to make a few points about the narrative of President Yoweri Museveni that appeared in the Sunday Monitor of May 5, under the headline: Museveni criticises police over Bobi Wine arrest, condemns illegal public rallies and processions.

After 33 years in power, he has inadequately implemented his much publicised Ten Points Programme.

It’s shocking that he is again promising genuine reform and fundamental change. 

Those ten points were indeed a smoke screen. I don’t have space to show how each of those points has never been fulfilled by the National Resistance Movement administration.

One of your objectives (point number 3) was to consolidate national unity and eliminate all forms of sectarianism. This has not happened.  Most public institutions are populated by particular groups of people who in most cases share the tribe or religion or village of the top boss or bosses.

All institutions that are supposed to check on the absolute power of the executive are lame ducks.

Uganda has decayed and it will be very difficult to put the country back on its track  in future.

Mr Museveni stated that all those who want to hold a public meetings (olukungana) or a procession (ekivvulu) for a legitimate reason, should liaise with the police, so that the meeting (s) or your procession (s) do not endanger the lives of other Ugandans or the safety of their property.

However, Mr Museveni knows that every time organizers have informed the police and got clearance for the gathering but the police have turned around and prevented their functions from taking place. 

 So, it is useless for any sensible person to seek police permission when they know that they will be blocked.

On many occasions, the police have even beaten up and muzzled wanainchi who had previously been authorized to hold a public meetings. 

  Mr Museveni complained about corruption in Uganda Revenue Authority and promised to sort things out.   That is his usual promise. When will he sort this issue out?  

Corruption in Uganda has almost been institutionalized  and the government neither has  the means nor the desire to fight it.

Justice in Uganda is inadequate and most people who are languishing in prisons are innocent while the culprits are roaming free.

 May God comfort those who have suffered at the hands of the Ugandan police and other security organs.


Fulgentius N. Lugemwa

Chairman of the Policy Committee

Uganda Democratic Federation (UDF)

Twitter: @Udfederation