Zimbabwean President Mugabe’s seeking re-election is a mockery of democracy

Tuesday July 16 2013

I watched in shock as a mammoth crowd of ardent supporters attended a campaign rally of Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe. I wondered what the 89-year-old President could possibly be promising a nation he has already governed for more than three decades! Despite all the hatred from the Western powers, the old man can still attract such a jubilantly chanting crowd from a population that is predominantly poor.

African democracy is really a mess! Why don’t we just throw away this mask and be true to ourselves? I’m still trying to come to terms with the glee and euphoria of the beaming crowd when Mr Mugabe, for the umpteenth time, vowed to send the White settlers parking and distribute their land and property to the native Blacks! Sounds like the 1970s Idi Amin, doesn’t he? What makes this “veteran politician” believe he can pull this off if re-elected yet he has failed to do it in his years in office? I think he is just taking advantage of the naïve and desperate masses.

From the look of things, Mugabe is likely to have another run in State House by majority vote! I think this jacket of democracy should just be left to the West. Other than making fools of ourselves, we should just come to terms with the truth: Democracy is not meant for us. This begging of identities from everywhere only exposes us as a fake generation.

Indeed, like Henrik Ibsen asserts in “An Enemy of the People”, majority have MIGHT but not RIGHT! So, the majority powerful but wrong masses in Zimbabwe shall dictate upon the minority weak but right individuals come Election Day.

Nassur Taban El-Tablaz,
[email protected]