Open letter to young women in Uganda

Wednesday July 29 2020

Carol Mukisa

Carol Mukisa  

By Carol Mukisa

I write this owing to what has turned out to be a big trap for many young women.

A couple of weeks back, a number of women came out accusing Bryan White of using and dumping them as one confessed to have been subjected to many abortions due to unwanted pregnancies.

Later, another woman came out accusing a renowned music producer, Daddy Andre, of sexually assaulting her. The last one was when a one Brown Sugar appeared on social media platforms accusing a one Sipapa of exploiting, abusing and destroying her future.

These are just one of the so many cases some of which go unreported. Looking at these women, many of them are youth, part of the nearly 75 per cent of the many youth that are battling with unemployment.

But taking a deeper look into these women’s lives, many of them were lured into these relationships thinking it will be a bed of roses considering the fact that many of the men they accuse seem to be wealthy.

Here is the naked truth to all the young women out there. My former lecturer at Makerere University used to tell us that “there is nothing for free.”


There is no one on this planet Earth that will allow you to just come and play a parasitic role in their lives unless you are adding something to them. Your physical looks or your charm might ease your entry into a relationship or marriage, but it will not sustain you there.

Whether you have a rich or very hard working spouse, you too need to work. This tendency of only sitting and you watch your partner grow and develop himself and as you wait for whatever falls on your palms should stop! Your parent or guardians did not put you through school or any grooming to be someone’s parasite! Womanhood should not be defined and associated with begging.

What a man can do, a woman can do even better. That posh car or house you are coveting and trading your destiny, dignity and life for can be attained by yourself and with your own efforts if you work wise and hard.

No one came out of her mother’s womb with any material things. It is all through hard work because nothing good comes on a silver platter.

Carol Mukisa,