Origin of languages, continents

Monday November 18 2019


By Emmanuel Lumonya

There are seven major continents that form the home of man. These are Africa, Australia, Europe, Asia, South America, North America and Antarctica with a combined population of more than seven billion people. Total earth surface area is about 197 million square miles and out of this, 70 per cent is covered by water while the remaining 30 per cent is land.
An explanation of how the races came in is quite puzzling; it’s not uncommon to hear response to this question with explanations which have roots in evolution. At some point, the life of every one will be confronted with what is called the racial problem.
When this occurs, we all often respond differently to the truth regarding the origin of the human race, but what does the Bible say about this matter?
At the tower of Babel, people congregated and built a great city which was in direct opposition to God’s express command to scatter and populate the earth. Because of their disobedience, God confounded their language and scattered them all over the earth (Genesis 9:1).
At Babel, they were a homogenous people, but with God giving them different languages, they separated. People began to group themselves based on their common language and migrated in all directions away from the tower of Babel and with time they became heterogeneous.
Genesis 10:5 states that God divided them by language, family and nation, which also confirms that God did not indiscriminately change the languages of the people because to do so, He would have broken up and confounded families.
The genealogies in Genesis extend past the time of confusion of languages so it would seem that God kept families together by giving them the same language. It’s also very important to note that when these people migrated from the Middle East, they became isolated from other groups.
This separation caused isolation from other groups, which resulted into breeding within a specific smaller number of people. Genetics then began to limit the physical characteristics of their offspring’s as the dominant genes began to emerge. The scattering of these groups all over earth, which created genetic isolation, is the real cause of the origin of the modern races of people.
All men actually belong to one family because Adam and Eve are parents of all. It is, however, the three genealogies that came out of the ark after the flood, the sons of Noah, who the earth was peopled and these are Ham, Japheth and Shem. For the body itself is not made up of only one part. God put every different part in the body just as he wanted it to be to profit the whole body, so are the various continents and races we have today.
An ancient teacher asked his students how they could tell when the night is far spent and when the day is on its way. It is when you look at the face of any woman or man and see that she or he is your sister or brother because if you cannot do that, no matter what time its, it will still be night for you.
Emmanuel Lumonya,