Police should arrest errant motorists on Uganda roads

Saturday August 31 2019


By Kevin Seguya

It beats my thinking when I put focus on how we can take our country to middle income status yet things that are being discussed in Parliament are basic issues to do with the indiscipline of individuals, among other petty issues.

But this shouldn’t be the main focus of today.
However, imagine there is increasing rate of road accidents across the country, but no legislator has brought it up in Parliament.

Police continue to be reckless in the way they are doing work, but nobody is talking about it? Where is the head of traffic police, Dr Steven Kasima, in all this?

The reason as to why some Ugandans will never be satisfied with the security system, is because security agencies sometimes act where unnecessary and then where necessary, they become reckless, fine the drivers might be complaining that the roads are narrow but most of the roads have been widened, and as for now it’s the lousiness of the traffic officers that is leading to these accidents .

I do not know what happened to our systems and policies. Good systems are brought up, but the problem is always the implementation. What happened to the use of speed governor and the seatbelt directive?
The directive were of great benefit to our country but due to the reluctance at implementation level, they fed away.

The lousiness and recklessness of the drivers on our roads is due to police sometimes turning the matter into a blame game.


One day, they blame motorists, but another time they cite poor mechanical condition of vehicles.
Besides, the issue of traffic police being active only when there is a demonstration should stop. This is because police seem to be forgetting their work, a development which is not good for the country.

Today, it is like accidents have become an everyday talk. For instance, you hear sentiments such as “the roads are okay, but the users and the controllers are misusing them.”

But why don’t the Uganda Police Force ensure that the policies or rules that they come up with are allowed to work? I am very sure that they get these policies from countries that are more developed than Uganda. And most of these policies are the ones that have enabled developed countries to make a difference.

If you go to Europe, you will realise that the seat belt rule is a big issue and if you are caught not wearing it, the penalty is harsh. But how many of violators are arrested Uganda?

Kevin Seguya