Quality education nurtures leaders

Tuesday October 15 2019


By Paul Kabishanga

Good leaders are seen and judged by their performance and the way they do their work. It, therefore, follows that ignorance of faith-founded schools leads to the ignorance of a well behaved graduate.
The most well behaved leaders like the late Julius Nyerere, who had his education from the White Father’s University of Ottawa in Canada, and the late Benedict Kiwanuka, who had his education at the National Major Seminary Katigondo, are good examples.

The two leaders gave Uganda and Tanzania what they owed, followed the good example of their good nurturing. Their institutions they passed through aimed at quality education and character formation.
They became wonderful leaders who endeavoured to see justice, peace, unity, development and love prevail in their countries.

During the opening and the blessing of St Charles Lwanga Chapel at Uganda Martyrs University, Kabale Campus in Kabale Municipality recently, the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs of the university, Prof Michael Mawa, said the biggest contribution the Catholic Church-founded schools have continued to make is to build stable and promising future leaders.

Faith-founded universities should be established in order to draw from them graduates who are disciplined, well behaved and committed to the work they do. Such universities can providing quality education and produce excellent future leaders, including administrators, doctors, lawyers, teachers, social workers, etc.
Quality education and fear of God are the characteristics of quality education institutions.
Paul Kabishanga,