Stop blaming men for all life’s ills

Monday July 20 2020

For the last 30 years or so, the world has embraced and acted upon the notion that men are to blame for all life’s ills. This has not only caused suffering among men, but also women and children.

It is time to save the males men, boys, manliness and fatherhood, which has been under siege in recent times, including the corrosive effects this has visited on families and society in general.

Men are being ridiculed in the public square and the importance of fatherhood is terribly diminishing in this generation. The modern male is depicted as a smooth hairless dude and painted as backboneless boys and perfumed lazybones.

I think this world needs a few guys who aren’t just trying to juggle between pedicures and manicures. The ‘no need for men’ attitude is seen in: ‘Women Good, Men Bad’: In the process of fashioning a more female-friendly world, a culture is emerging that is contemptuous of masculinity and cynical about the differences that make men indispensable.

Popular culture depicting men as idiots, brutes, sexual predators and wife beaters and almost never as wise, strong and or noble.

The feminist anti-patriarchal attitude permeating public education to drive boys’ academic performance down thus, making many boys to struggle and even to drop out altogether.


Diminishing the value of fatherhood along with other traditional male roles of provider and protector, which are seen as regressive manifestations of outmoded patriarchy.

Men being domesticated, where when it comes to childbirth and infant care, men are forced to attend maternity classes, even counting contractions during childbirth and bottling expressed breast milk for ‘His Turn’ in midnight feedings, yet with no right to protecting their offspring from abortion.

Cheap divorce with exorbitant settlements for wives, unwed concubinage and motherhood and unfair policies that penalise and marginalise fathers and eradicate men from children’s lives.
Fatherless homes are now the new normal even when growing up without a father is the surest route to poverty, drug abuse, truancy, delinquency, promiscuity, and many other social pathologies.

Single moms with sperm donor dads, whereby, motherhood is elevated to a sophisticated act of self-fulfilment, making fathers not just scarce, but superfluous.

You just have to buy sperms from a sperm bank and independently grow your child as a single mother.

These are ‘family killing days’ and it is time to ask “do men matter?” If they do, how can we make them matter? Just asking.