Stop chaos in varsities’ league

Tuesday September 11 2018


By Baron Kironde

In Uganda today, the University Football League (UFL) is arguably the most prominent campus sports engagement.

Traditionally, the league is fuelled by egoistic chants and non-stop verbal exchange to spice up the display of rare skills, exhibition of pure talent and hard work. So, when the 22 players match into the field, it is not just a soccer game, it is a platform to establish who rightfully owns the campus bragging rights.
And the 90 minutes are not just the usual one and a half hours of two teams vying for possession of a round object in a ball, its rather 90 minutes of provocative pain, tension and fear characterised by rowdy fans.

This, above, with quick reference to one of the most hotly contested second round UFL games, where Mubs hosted YMCA in Nakawa, the game ending in a loss to the home team, brewed fury among the host fans. A section of them became chaotic displaying arrogant and unsporting mannerism. Armed with sticks, they attacked the peaceful visiting team on their way off the pitch as soon the last whistle went.
It is the Mubs technical team of coaches and players who quickly intervened and rescued the situation with help of a few policemen. They asked their home supporters to keep calm.

The UFL, therefore, needs to consider boosting security on all grounds of all games to be played. I would also advise that teams of misbehaving fans be punished for misconduct by either being docked points when found guilty or be banned from the competition as a way of seeing that all participating teams responsibly take full charge of devising means to control their supporters.
And the culprits should also individually be held accountable for their unruly acts to minimise any hooliganism of the same sort in the future.

Such weird behaviour could easily tarnish the developmental image of the beautiful game of soccer, spoil its motives and worse still, lead to loss of lives if throwing stones and sticks continues to be tolerated.
I am just another concerned football lover. It is our game and it starts with me.