Teso is forgotten yet it has beautiful tourism features

Thursday August 1 2019

Nyero rock

Nyero rock 

By Marsella Ariso

Nothing can be compared to this beautiful Uganda, also called the Pearl of Africa. The hospitable people, multi-lingua societies, wonderful heritage, beautiful weather and undulating scenery, among others, are what characterises this country.

Let’s focus on the seemingly forgotten land of Teso. It is likely that at the mention of travel or tourism, many people think of distant destinations while neglecting and ignoring their very own prestigious country. Teso is remarkably known as the land of the wise.

Located in eastern Uganda and with a population of about two million people, Teso comprises the districts of Soroti, Kaberamaido, Ngora, Kumi, Katakwi, and Amuria with people speaking Ateso as their dialect.

Previously, Teso faced developmental challenges, including poor standard of education, persistent natural hazards, including floods and environmental degradation, poor infrastructure in terms of roads, accommodation facilities and poor advertising, among others.

The good news is that many of these challenges are now tale of the past. Today, the roads leading to the sub-region are tarmacked, which can facilitate easy movement of people, including tourists and goods, to the area. There are also improved accommodation facilities in the sub-region.

The Nyero Rock paintings in Ngora is a very beautiful site. It also has three major caves. The paintings depict mainly the hunting, agricultural, and fishing activities of the past. There are also caves where believers would worship from as well as offer their sacrifices to the ancestors for blessings in times of need, like during drought.


The first ever aviation academy (flying school) is located in Soroti. This was established in a move to boost higher education and promote literacy among Ugandans. Today, more than 1,000 Ugandans and other nationals have benefited from this facility and have been able to secure employment in and outside the country.

The wonderful Awoja swamp supplies water to Soroti Town. There is also a spectacular Awoja Bridge, not forgetting, the agricultural activities that include growing of cash crops like cotton, millet, and sorghum, among others, some of which promote agro-tourism.

Embracing domestic tourism is the way to go for Teso in particular and Uganda in general. Teso has varied tourist sites and activities. Therefore, let’s exploit them.

Marsella Ariso,