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Waragi consumption needs to be regulated

Wednesday January 24 2018

By Ivan Wamono

Waragi, also known as “enguli,” is a generic term in Uganda for domestic distilled beverages.
Waragi is also given different names, depending on region of origin, the distillation process, or both. Waragi is known as a form of homemade gin.

It is commonly called waragi in the Central area of Uganda but in the West it is in most cases called, “Kasese”.

In northern Uganda it is more commonly called “Lira Lira.” The manufacturing of waragi does not vary too much in different parts of Uganda, only the ingredients are slightly different.

During colonial times, waragi (War Gin) was created to give the soldiers confidence to go into battle during the war.

This drink was banned and the law exists. At that time, Africans would not drink it publicly. However, today people in Uganda drink the harsh gin and the authorities overall ignore the law and do not enforce it regularly.

This is perhaps why there are rampant crimes committed every day.

Ivan Wamono,