Who is behind these senseless murders and how can we end them?

Tuesday June 12 2018

Who behind senseless murders how end

The late Col Ibrahim Abiriga was murdered on Friday evening together with his bodyguard. FILE PHOTO 

By Hussein Lumumba Amin

Condolences to the family of the late Col Ibrahim Abiriga, who was heinously murdered on Friday evening together with his bodyguard.
Condolences to the people of West Nile, and to the people of Uganda for this shocking loss. Indeed regardless of political affiliation, he had transcended his constituency and was a national political figure in his own right.

He is a person we know since the days he was serving in the Uganda Army in the 1970s and has risen to a national status today. Whatever we think of him politically, everyone agrees he was honest to himself and spoke what was in his heart.

Today, the people of Uganda are asking the big question, who is planning and killing Ugandans? What is happening to our country? Who is behind all these senseless murders? What can we do to save ourselves? Why Abiriga?

All these questions seem to have no answers. Everyone in the country seems to be powerless. But the country cannot abandon it’s fate to the murderers. Indeed, one maybe has to pour ice-cold water on their head and wake up psychologically. Because we need to start focusing on real solutions rather than return to business as usual after hearing some reassuring speeches that actually bring no real change to the situation.

On security matters, everyone should depend on themselves first. We have to open our eyes and look around us all the time.
The police are the people’s only armed recourse so I call on them to think of re-instating the foot patrols where two officers are given an area to watch.
It is more effective than having eight officers on pick-up trucks. While some areas are known to be dangerous, other areas too need reassurance and community security.

The people of Uganda need security now. While necessary in monitoring certain area’s, [CCTV] camera’s cannot save anyone from any bullet. But society can prevent and curb such callous attacks by detecting these murderers and their hideouts. From God we are, and to him we will all return.
May the late Honourable Abiriga rest in peace.