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Who sets standards and ranks of academic gowns?

Friday January 16 2015

By Matsiko Kahunga

I saw a picture of a graduand with his sons equally dressed in ‘graduation’ gowns in the media. What works for a wedding ceremony with page boys attired as the groom and entourage, is inapplicable in academic matters .

Universities need to re-think this liberalisation thing: gowns sold everywhere, for all sorts of ‘graduations’ from kindergarten to ‘certificate’ of attendance courses.

It is then little wonder that degrees are ‘made’ on Nasser Road, since the visible ‘degree’( the gown), according to the ordinary man, can be made in Wandegeya.

It is possible for universities to have a structured, centralised manner of producing gowns, with graduands buying or hiring. And different levels of ‘graduation’ do have different academic attires. The mortarboard was exclusively for degree graduations.

Who universalised this? Who sets standards and ‘ranks’ of academic attire? Is it National Council of Higher Education? Is it the ministry? It is Parliament? Or it is the voters?

Do the universities and other higher education institutions have a central forum where such issues are discussed and agreed? Aren’t we taking liberalisation a bit too far?
Matsiko Kahunga,