Why we need to empower women

Friday March 13 2020


By Simon J. Mone

A coward is a man who fights his wife,” says President Museveni. and I cannot agree more. March 8 was International Women’s Day. We appreciate the women of our world as God blessed them with the ability of doing wonders for humanity. Recently, UN Women released a report titled, ‘Women’s rights in review 25 years after Beijing.’

This report highlights how far women have come and urges the world to encourage gender equity. Many bad things continue to happen to this fairer sex. We witness family violence in our neighbourhoods and experience gender discrimination at the workplace. Tradition dictates that some jobs are only meant for women and to date, some cultures still uphold such practices. It is time to start changing beliefs and attitudes for the betterment of humanity. For change to happen, deliberate effort is needed.

With all the campaigns for women emancipation, why is it that things are not improving as fast as we expect? Progress towards attaining gender equality is moving at a snail speed. Gender inequality in homes, work places and in communities persists. Let us begin to walk the talk and start assuring the world that we can have an equal opportunities in society.
Gender discrimination is seemingly still with us. So we need to roll up our sleeves to make the world a better place for both gender. The urban women must lead the way to bring their rural counterparts to their level. The positive change that we desire should start with us and now. We already know that there are more girls in school today than ever before. Women representation in organisations has increased as well.

Many countries continue to enact laws that discourage gender discrimination. Yet these laws are never implemented. Therefore, we need to implement the laws and ensure that those who discriminate against women are punished. We must continue to encourage women in high places to continue uplifting their counterparts in rural areas. For instance, at the workplace, we must harness the potential of women to enable them make contributions for their benefit.

In communities, we should empower single mothers to enable them fight for justice. In this regard, men should learn to be responsible and accountable. Create initiatives to enable rural women access basic services. Encourage more women join positions of leadership. Some people say corruption will stop if more women get into leadership positions because women are by nature disciplined.
Trapped with no opportunities at home, women these days leave home and make perilous journeys abroad in search of a greener pasture. Yet the grasses is not necessarily greener out there. The danger is that they are exploited with some even getting killed. We must enable them to be financial empowered here at home.
Simon J. Mone,