Let govt sensitise citizens about human trafficking

Sunday January 14 2018


By Ivan Wamono

As nations worldwide are fighting human trafficking, new techniques of trafficking people have been revealed through BBC in India.

Human trafficking is the trade in people, especially women and children. It does not necessarily involve the movement of the person from one place to another, but rather a trade of humans for the purpose of forced labour, sexual slavery or commercial sexual exploitation for traffickers or others.

It has been reported that in India, girls and other people are being taken from their homes in the name of apprenticing them.

Traffickers will come to a home, talk to the parents, who they find desperate for needs.

A trafficker will then convince them with an aim of taking their children out as apprentices (people who learn while working), as they pay back the money to the parents.

A parent is given a certain amount of money to receive every after an agreed period of time, for example, monthly, as their children work. The parents, because of this offer, give in their children wholeheartedly not knowing they have sold their children to human traffickers.

The fact is that human trafficking always takes a person’s freedom. You will only work under a master’s orders and never be paid. In case you fail to work, in most cases, you are killed.

Therefore, as far as nations are fighting human trafficking activities, they should put in consideration on how to sensitise their citizens about the vice and how to avoid it. People should be concerned about those who approach them in the name of giving them vacancies, whether within the country or abroad.

If possible, such people should be reported to the police for verification before they take human beings from any part of the country.

Ivan Wamono
[email protected]