Edible oil... from insects!

Friday June 15 2018

Edible oil made of… insects! Is precisely what Biteback, an Indonesian company founded in 2003, will soon be offering its customers.
First, Biteback transforms food waste into cereal grains to feed its worm larvae. Then, the company produces insect oil, insect butter for bakers and pastry cooks, and fatty alcohol for cosmetics.

Eating insects has many benefits. They are very rich in protein and fatty acid, which is essential for good health. For plants, insect faeces can be used as fertilizer. And the substance extracted from beetles can help pharmacists make dressings or stick plasters.

In addition, farming insects to make oil can limit the production of palm oil. Every hour, the equivalent of 300 soccer fields of rainforest are razed for oil palm plantation - whereas, there is no need to destroy trees for the cultivation of insects, because they do not require a lot of space. They are also much more productive: a giant worm produces 40 times more oil in a year than an oil palm!