Democratic Party will stop corruption by example

Nobert Mao

The Democratic Party will ensure a transparent, accountable and corruption free government cardinal in its manifesto. We believe the political economy of Uganda, the socio-economic, socio –cultural development in this country will be achieved only with an exemplary leadership, which leadership is lacking in Uganda with the current leadership in government being suspects [of corruption].

To get the right answer, Uganda needs the right formula of tackling corruption first with stringent laws that will ensure accountability at all levels. DP will have zero tolerance for corruption and specifically; the Mao-DP administration will redistribute Executive power since we believe that the current ills in government such as corruption and non-accountability arise from the concentration of the power and authority of the state in the Presidency and the emasculation of the capability of other public institution that are intended to ensure the due checks and balances in the transaction of public affairs.

Our administration will enforce autonomy of public institutions through independent vetting by commissions and Parliament. DP will institute a serious legal reform to ensure that any public official accused of corruption is immediately relieved of his responsibilities and suspended till the case is fully determined.

We have witnessed government officials impeached for corruption but still enjoying the liberty of holding important offices. Democratic Party will not only make zero tolerance a swan song but rather the epitome of its first leadership credentials. The fish rots from the head; it’s the head and top leadership that must stand to be counted. The idea of arresting small fish like Teddy Cheeye while dining and basking in peace with big thieves will not be tolerated.

Corruption has been institutionalised in Uganda and DP will undo this. It has been breeding under weak public sector management and administration. Whereas poverty is chocking most ordinary Ugandans, a few people are basking in the national wealth. On transparency International rankings, Uganda moved from 126 to 130 out of 180 countries in their indices of 2008/2009.

Corruption has flourished in the procurement and administration of public expenditure. IGG reports indicated that local governments are the most corrupt sector of government and because they are closer to the people, corruption impacts directly to the ordinary people. Thefts have always been reported but the criminals have been forgiven, even by the President. That makes him a suspect!

We have witnessed corruption cases in the Purchase of junk choppers; the NSSF/ Temangalo saga, The Global Fund where victims of HIV/Aids and Malaria were deprived of their lives through theft of money meant for their treatment. The recently concluded Chogm in Kampala that saw billions stolen by government ministers. These big suspects still hold onto their offices. We won’t tolerate this.

There are myriads of corruption examples. In northern Uganda, the war ate billions. In 2003 alone over $1.3 billion was spent on the war under classified expenditure. The Northern Uganda Reconstruction Programmes 1 & 2 and the Northern Uganda Social Action Fund have been another den of corruption. Ugandans saw Gulu District chairman, who is DP Party President expose corruption in the Prime Minister’s office when he literally broke one of the plastic pangas procured to help resettle people of northern Uganda. The perpetrators are still ministers in these offices. It is estimated that Uganda loses Shs500 billion annually to corruption according to the 2007 African Peer Review Mechanism report.

DP President General, also known as Chairman Mao, was voted number two among the least corrupt Ugandans by the Anti-Corruption Coalition Uganda 2009/10. This is a precedent that Uganda needs an exemplary leader.

The first victim of the demise of culture and traditions in Uganda after colonialism is the moral sense of shame! Leaders luck morals and they dress to go to office to steal but not to work. DP will heal Uganda from all forms of corruption ranging from actual theft of public funds, to nepotism in public services such as the army.
This is our promise to Uganda. The medicine is Mao

Mr Emmanuel Mwaka Lutukumoi, the DP National Publicity Secretary, wrote this article on behalf his party leader.
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