Buganda revives quest for federal government

Appolo Makubuya the newly appointed Buganda Kingdom third deputy prime minister and minister for constitutional affairs shaking hands with the Kingdom Katikiiro Charles Peter Mayiga at Namirembe Cathedral where he held a thanks giving service for his appointment. PHOTO BY STEPHEN OTAGE

Kampala. Buganda Kingdom has reignited its long-standing quest for a federal system of government, saying it is the only vehicle to transform the kingdom.
Speaking at a thanksgiving ceremony for his appointment as third deputy kingdom prime minister and minister for constitutional affairs at Namirembe Cathedral in Kampala, on Sunday, Mr Apollo Makubuya said it was pointless for Buganda to continue supporting those who are opposed to a federal system.

“We need to negotiate with the rest of Uganda and divide power equally because this will help Uganda develop very fast, this is where I am going to concentrate and whichever politician is visiting the prime minister asking for political support, they must first declare their stand on federo,” he said.
He said if power is divided equally, Uganda would be able to solve its problems.
“Since 1993 when Buganda was restored, it is 22 years since we have been running the kingdom activities without taxes or donations, meaning the kingdom can stand on its own and it has done tremendous work,” Mr Makubuya said.

The kingdom minister also said rather than compete, a federal system would complement government efforts and ensure there is rule of law so that areas such as education, health and conservation of natural resources are respected.
“Article 1 of the Constitution says power belongs to the people and government derives its power from people’s wishes, which government should always listen to,” he said.
Ms Rebecca Kadaga, the Speaker of Parliament, who attended the service, said the message would be delivered to the relevant offices.