Kabaka's inner circle

Saturday August 3 2013

Nnabaggeraka Nagginda
So they say, behind a successful man is a successful woman. Lady Nagginda is that woman. Apart from being wife and mother of a well groomed princess, Ssangalyambogo, Nagginda is a smart woman, who has used her position to uplift society. Her mentorship programme, Ekisaakaate, is a household name, and her efforts towards primary healthcare, education, fight against HIV/aids, etc, have given a human face to the kingship.

Charles Peter Mayiga
His story of how he has served the Kabakaship since he was a young lawyer cannot be overstated. He has climbed through the ranks at Mengo, one time serving as the kingdom’s spokesman and now, at the top of the Kabaka’s service as Katikkiro.

Apolo Makubuya
He is the minister of Justice and constitutional affairs in the kingdom, but he is the immediate attorney general of Buganda kingdom. Makubuya is one of the go-to-people at Mengo and one of the legal brains behind the kingdom’s moves. He was one of those tipped to become Katikkiro after JB Walusimbi.

Ambassador William Kaboga Matovu
Ambassador William Solomon Kaboga Matovu is the minister of the royal treasury and chief palace advisor in Buganda Kingdom. Matovu previously worked as permanent secretary, Office of the Katikkiro (prime minister) and principal private secretary to the Kabaka. Ambassador Matovu is a career diplomat who served in Ghana, USSR, Ethiopia, Zaire and United Kingdom. In the last five countries, he served as Ambassador and head of Mission.
He served in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Uganda Government as Chief of Protocol and Director on several occasions.

Bishop Kityo Luwalira
The Namirembe bishop is first and foremost the head of the church where the Kabaka prays from. Luwalira has showed he is behind Buganda, and he is among the clergymen the Kabaka consults.

Prince Junju
Here is a prince who has grown up under our watch. Junju loves to party and work at same time. Already he is one of the bosses at CBS radio station, and the at the same time, he does private business on behalf of his family. At his age, he is one of the people who have Kabaka’s ears.

Joyce Sebugwawo
She is the mayor of Rubaga Division, the area which is principally the headquarters of Buganda Kingdom. She is also the aunt of Nnabaggereka Sylvia Nagginda. Ms Sebugwawo has used her high energies and pockets to support the causes of Buganda Kingdom.

Kyewalabye Male
The Buganda Land Board chairperson is among the closest people to the Kabaka. To understand this, one needs to know the role of the Buganda Land Board in running the kingdom affairs. Land, especially in Buganda, is prime land, and Kabaka owns a large chunk of it, including the controversial 9000sq miles. It is this organisation that oversees Kabaka’s land, and manages it on his and Kingdom’s behalf.
The BLB also were behind the construction of Muganzirwazza Shopping Complex in Katwe. From this year’s Buganda kingdom budget, BLB brought into the treasury about Shs504 million, land dues fetched Shs2.4 billion and Muganzilwaza in its first year brought in, shs792 million. This is how important Male and the organisation he heads, is to the kingdom.

Hope Mukasa
He is a childhood friend of Kabaka Mutebi, largely during his stay in exile. Mukasa returned to Uganda and settled down into his businesses but supported the kingdom’s activities from the onset. Mukasa is one of the early brains into the successful CBS music fete, Ekitoobero which was championed by his other friend, Peter Sematimba, who was managing CBS FM at the time.

Prince David Wasajja
Who has seen the Kabaka on a wedding other than Wasajja’s? It was not until his brother and friend, Prince Wasajja was walking down the aisle. Kabaka Mutebi did not just go to the wedding; he also witnessed the making of vows in a Catholic church at Rubaga Cathedral. That was a public display of the love and trust he has in his brother.

Daudi Mpanga
Now the attorney general of Buganda, he has been Buganda Kingdom’s long-time cabinet secretary. Mpanga is allegedly behind many of Kabaka’s speeches.

John Kitenda
He is the principal private secretary of the Kabaka, who oversees the diary of the Kabaka. He knows who should meet the Kabaka and why.