Team Great Britain limping ahead of Games kick-off

Tuesday July 24 2012

By Yasiin Mugerwa


All is not well in the Great Britain’s Olympics camp. In the run up to the London 2012 Olympic Games, Team Great Britain is receiving lots of praise from the media.

Undoubtedly; the entire host nation- the UK is behind this team. But in every warm-up game, the hosts continue to swim against the tide even as the coaches as well as the fans insist that when the Olympics party finally begins later this week, their team will benefit from the endless defeats. First, Stuart Pearce’s men’s football side succumbed to a 2-0 defeat to a star-studded Brazil side on Friday in their warm-up match at The Riverside Stadium.

After the British football team loss to Brazil, a friend at the Times of London wrote: “This was a contradiction disguised as a football match, a warm-up that felt more like the coldest of showers.” But watching Great Britain play, the loss was inevitable, there was little potency in their play and chances were fleeting throughout the game.

After the defeat in Middlesbrough, the London 2012 Olympic Games begin when Team Great Britain (soccer) meets Senegal on July 26 at Manchester United’s Home, Old Trafford. They will also play against the UAE at Emblem Stadium and Uruguay at the Millennium Stadium. Britain’s basketball team (men) was not spared either. They lost to USA in an opening warm-up game and were later beaten 73-69 by Tunisia in Antwerp. To make matters worse, Dan Clark, who scored 13 points in the match against Tunisia.

With less than five days before Great Britain’s first Olympic basketball game, Mike Lenzly, one of their best players, is also struggling with a calf muscle injury. Yet, on Sunday night, Great Britain again lost 79-56 to Belgium.

The hosts’ women’s football team on Friday managed a 0-0 draw to Sweden at the Riverside Stadium.
Both sides worked so hard to get the fitness levels up as Great Britain prepares to face New Zealand in curtain-raiser in Cardiff later this week.

The losses notwithstanding, many British fans across the country are optimistic. They have refused to believe what is unveiling before their eyes. They are hopeful that when the ‘party’ begins on Friday, their Team will sweep gold medals. But analysts have said that the warm-up ghosts might return to haunt the “limping” Team Great Britain in its backyard in most competition disciplines.