Odds against JKL, A1 as Power look to wrap up series

Wednesday September 19 2018


KAMPALA. Few people gave A1 Challenge and JKL Dolphins a chance of winning their respective National Basketball League playoff semifinal series against JKL Lady Dolphins and Betway Power.
That number appears to have dwindled even further after the opening two games of their respective ties in this Tusker Lite sponsored playoffs.
Both A1 and JKL men will this evening therefore attempt to beat those odds starting today and become the first teams since City Oilers in 2014 to come from a 2-0 deficit to win a playoff series.

Both teams are in action with JKL Dolphins’s veteran power forward Eric Malinga counting on his team’s to instigate the fightback at the Lugogo MTN Arena.
“Mostly if we can make stops on defense then we can win game three,” Malinga opined after Sunday’s 70-63 game two loss.
Malinga also acknowledged his team making a slow start, something they paid for to leave them in the current situation.

“I think they came out a little stronger in the first two quarters and we did a lot of work trying to get back into this game,” he said of his team’s 25-14 start. Similarly Betway Power’s Phillip Ameny wants better defense from his team if they are to end the series this evening.
“We shall focus on making stops and picking rebounds,” he said before reiterating the need to remain grounded despite the sizable advantage.
“You have to respect them because they’re not here by mistake. JKL is a new team but they have some experienced and talented players,” he said of the JKL team that swept 2-0 past Pemba Warriors.