Sserunjogi, Kwizera strike compromise as basketball takes ‘unusual’ route

Wednesday March 13 2019

Truce: Kwizera (L), Sserunjogi and Santur hold

Truce: Kwizera (L), Sserunjogi and Santur hold hands yesterday. PHOTO BY AMINAH BABIRYE 


Kampala. It was a wish many in the basketball fraternity had advocated for. At the moment it looks one they might finally get.
Uganda Olympic Committee president William Blick referred to it as a sign of maturity.
His Vice President and former domestic basketball governing body president Ambrose Tashobya called it unique.

While one local publication previously termed it as a “no divorce.”
It even seemed strange at times, that two parties previously vying for the Fuba presidential position had called a press conference to announce they would work together for the benefit of domestic basketball.
The growing trend had been the start of a warring faction as evidenced in cycling, table tennis and boxing. Basketball on the other hand vowed to alter that course.

“I won on that day but we are here together as one family. We are here to show the world that we are one basketball family. I will also not leave basketball even after my term of office. “That is why we also have our former president Ambrose Tashobya. We can still serve the game even outside the executive,” Fuba president Nasser Sserunjogi said in his opening remarks.
The decision meant Sserunjogi who worked as Vice President Administration in Tashobya’s regime would continue to work with Grace Kwizera who he defeated last month.
The latter who heads the Jr. NBA league was meanwhile the Vice President in charge of publicity and Marketing before vying for the top position.

Alongside Mohamed Santur they promised to continue to work as heads of the national team committee.
“This has always been about basketball, and doing my part to elevate the game in the country. Continuing to lead the junior NBA. It is what we have done for the last six years and what I am looking forward to continuing to do,” Grace Kwizera observed.
But having previously disagreed “on how” to approach the game’s development, the fraternity will hope the two parties live happily ever after.”