Bombers coach stresses power, speed work

Monday January 27 2020

Leading by example. Lihanda engaging

Leading by example. Lihanda engaging middleweight David Ssemuju in a round of mitt work in a previous national training at Lugogo. PHOTO BY ABDUL-NASSER SSEMUGABI 


Bombers head coach Patrick Lihanda said the national training camp at Luzira Prison is focusing more on speed and power training, which is most essential to all the 26 boxers ahead of the African Olympic Qualifiers next month.
“We are doing all we can to put the fighters in shape [in these few weeks],” Lihanda told Daily Monitor at the weekend.

Of the 26 boxers who entered camp Wednesday, only 13[five women], who excelled at the national Olympic trials January 5, are assured of the trip to Dakar, Senegal. But even their final 13 victims have been sum-moned as sparring partners and ready substitutes, just in case.

“More emphasis is on speed work and power; we are tough on the [500m] sprints, and in a few days we shall be lifting tyres.”

Lihanda, who represented Uganda at the 1984 Summer Olympics and the 1988 Summer Olympics, also admitted: “Training this time round is a bit harder, but soon they will get used. It’s about having the heart and stay-ing focused.”

By 6am the Bombers are on the road, working the suburban hills of Kitintale and Mutungo for an hour.

“We have breakfast at 8am, take a rest and begin training at 10 to midday,” Lihanda added.


“In the evening they train for an hour, between 4 to 5pm or 5 to 6pm.”