Finally, Moses Golola not a joking subject

Sunday September 1 2013


KAMPALA- Organisers made a kill, Moses Golola finally shed some skin. Questions about his ability and technique have always come under scrutiny.

Through his verbal artillery, Golola has elevated kickboxing from the gutters or rather nowhere to the front pages.

Again and again, he came up short, barely showing anything close to a kick boxer. When he fought Hungarian Adras Nagy here, Golola took the belt but clearly lost the fight. Then, he famously suffered “a disco-lation” in a clear loss to Matte Zsamboki that even his sworn faithful would hardly find any kind of words to defend.

Fans never deserted him. Golola is the closest any sportsman or discipline has come to matching the following enjoyed by the national football team – the Uganda Cranes. Friday was no different, there was enormous traffic on Entebbe Road right from Queen’s Way to Freedom City Mall.

Normally a two-lane road, there were as many as four lanes in a distance of less than 3km. The bumper to bumper jam was annoying but that’s the kind of love Golola has found in this country.
Part of the crowd were forcing their way in without tickets. Come the fight against Titus Tugume which started just before 1am, no one knew what to expect from Golola. His skills have always been suspect. His boxing is quite pleasing. It’s something he must have learnt from his days as an amateur boxer, the discipline he did before combining it with kicks.

In his previous fights, Tugume had appeared better swinging his legs. A fascinating contest was on the cards because of the differences in their strength and weaknesses.

The fascination died before anyone could get off their chairs to cheer either fighter. Tugume missed his first kicks and the response from Golola was brilliant. Just one upper cut to end it all!