Kiwanuka’s confidence has improved-Tebazalwa

Thursday July 25 2019

Prepared. Kiwanuka to battle Congolese Mbikayi.

Prepared. Kiwanuka to battle Congolese Mbikayi. PHOTO BY ABDUL-NASSER SSEMUGABI 


Shafik Kiwanuka is set to battle Congolese Tyson Mbikayi at the MTN Arena-Lugogo tomorrow night. This is going to be Kiwanuka’s second professional fight, since knocking out Kenyan David Khamala in one round March 22 at Lugogo. Trainer Abdu Tebazaalwa said his student has improved especially in confidence and bout control.

“You see in professional boxing confidence is a must, even if you are not going to win,” Tebazaalwa said. “You must be able to have a plan to control the match. Otherwise it’s tough and I think Shafik has greatly improved in that area.”
Tebazaalwa, an All-Africa gold medalist, praises Kiwanuka’s right hook as “lethal” but he wants the heavyweight to add the left hook to his armoury.

“In this fight you will see that his left hook has improved though it’s not yet perfect. I always tell him a good boxer must have more than one lethal weapon. And we’ve been working hard to sharpen his left.”
Great Strikers Promotions rescheduled this fight from June 7 when Mbikayi reportedly pulled out with a slight injury.

Fight night: July 26, 2019
Kiwanuka vs Mbikayi
[heavyweight, 10 RDs]
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