Rematch reminder

Wednesday May 20 2020

When the duo last met in August 201

When the duo last met in August 2019 at Freedom City, Semata (L) was on the receiving end of Golola’s powerful punches. PHOTO BY ISMAIL KEZAALA 


KAMPALA- Kickboxer Umar Semata chose the most creative way to ask for a rematch. He surprised everyone when he donated food to his bitter rival Moses Golola yesterday, as if they were best friends.

Semata, accompanied by his manager and his trainer, handed 50 kilogrammes of maize flour, a bar of soap, two kilograms of sugar and some eggs to Golola at his home and training base in Kawempe-Lugoba. Recently Golola made an appeal for food rations and of all people, the first responder was the man who badly wants a rematch with him.

“You said you don’t have food, here it is,” said Semata. “I want you to remain ‘steady’ in this lockdown so that you are fit for the rematch.”

Excited, Golola, in a black kanzu and white mask, wanted to shake hands but Semata, donning a heavy black mask, moved more than four metres apart, in respect of social distance. “A fellow fighter has given me food, this is a true spirit of sportsmanship and brotherhood,” Golola said. “I’m very glad, May Allah Bless you abundantly.” Then he turned to Semata’s trainer. “Coach, I’m going to enjoy this food and get the energy to beat your man.” Golola added: “This is going to be Round Three: Golola Moses v Umar Semata, I swear by the Lord of Jacob and Isaac, Semata won’t survive.” Golola and Semata have faced off twice. Semata convincingly won the first encounter in October 2018, while Golola controversially took the second one after Semata surrendered in the third round.

Semata was the first Ugandan to defeat Golola, while Golola is also the first Ugandan to defeat the Thailand-based Semata in professional kickboxing. While Golola, whose victory surprised many, at first dismissed the possibility of another rematch, after swallowing Semata’s bait, only Covid-19 is delaying a trilogy.

Golola also asked the team whether they had also bailed out the other struggling fighters. They promised to do the same.


October 2018: Semata beat Golola after
seven rounds
August 2019: Golola beat Semata after
three rounds
TBA: Soon after Covid-19 pandemic