Sebyala duel will be sparring session, warns Lusambya

Thursday November 15 2018

Putting in the hours: Lusambya hitting a

Putting in the hours: Lusambya hitting a punching bag in a training session yesterday in Kisenyi, Kampala. PHOTOS BY ISMAIL KEZAALA 


KAMPALA. Two-time African super welterweight champion Badru ‘Mr Crush’ Lusambya has vowed to make light work of former East & Central African super welterweight middleweight Muhammad ‘Kabona’ Sebyala when the two face off for the vacant national middleweight title at L’Aponye Mall, in downtown Kampala town on Boxing Day.
“I don’t need to think too much ahead of this fight,” he bragged in an exclusive interview with Daily Monitor in his [welfare] office at Ham Shopping Mall in Kampala.
“I’m better than him in all aspects: record, talent, form and experience. It’s going to be like a sparring session for my bigger fight in April; I don’t even think it will be enough for me.”
In a rather extravagant talk show of self-pride, which he repeated at the fight launch Tuesday, Lusambya said Sebyala defeating him, let alone stand the distance, will read like the bizarre news of “a cyclist knocking down a train.”
“Tell him to train harder, eat more to gain more energy and pray even harder that he goes past the sixth round,” Lusambya bragged.
“In the last press conference I will ask my fans to choose in which round I should stop him and that will be it come fight day.”
He also threw a jab to Sweden-based Michael Obin. “I wish it was possible that Kabona and this boy Obin [Michael] both team up against me in the same time. Because Kabona won’t be enough for me and Obin is making a lot of noise as well.”
Lusambya has won 26 [24KO] lost four [2KO], drawn two while Sebyala has won 18 [15KO] lost 11 [1] and drawn one.
Ten percent of the proceeds from this event, organised by Step By Step and Nara Promotions, will go to the family of fallen sports journalist Bashir Khan Lugudo.