Karashani has faith in Malaysian charge

Friday April 20 2018

Words of advice. Young opener Simon Ssesazi listens to outgoing Cricket Cranes skipper Karashani (R) before the team left of the Asia Tour in February. PHOTO: E. CHICCO


Uganda embark on their most important campaign yet when Cricket Cranes open against hosts Malaysia at the Kinrara Academy Oval next Sunday as the battle for two promotion tickets to the ICC World Cricket League Division III ensues.
The Ugandans will have to battle five nations in Malaysia to get one of the two coveted slots to the said division, from where they were embarrassingly relegated last year.
That dismissal last May forced coach Steven Tikolo to rethink strategies going forward.
The rethinking saw some long-serving players pave way for fresh blood, and the movement has been shaping up since the Cricket Builds Hope tournament in Rwanda last October, through tours to Qatar, India and hosting Saudi Arabia over Easter this year.
Now, with games against Malaysia, Bermuda, Singapore, Denmark and Jersey coming up, former national team captain Davis Karashani, who retired in 2015, is confident the team has had adequate preparations.

Experience and youth
“The selectors of the team have gone with a good blend of experience and they have tried bringing on some young players,” said Karashani.
The all-rounder separately spoke to Monday Night’s NTV Press Box and Daily Monitor. “I wish to see more of this. “I’m not saying it’s going to be easy in Malaysia because all the teams there are strong and deserve to be there. “But I trust that this group of players and coaches will do the best to have us back in Division III.”
However, Karashani’s hanging of the bat has hardly settled well with a number of cricket fans, with some sounding him into hitting the crease for the national team again.
They will be pleased to learn that Karashani, who featured at two ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup tournaments in 2004 and 2006, is actually keeping options open. “Right now I can’t offer as much time to the national side as I would want to, unfortunately.
“But I will leave it open for once in a while when I just can offer something. I will keep that window open.”

Roger Mukasa, Brian Masaba, Hamu Kayondo, Simon Ssesazi, Deus Muhumuza, Riazat Shah, Irfan Afridi, Henry Ssenyondo, Frank Nsubuga, Kenneth Waiswa, Fred Achelam, Charles Waiswa, Bilal Hassun & Steven Wabwose Reserve: Emmanuel Isaneez

April 29: Uganda vs. Malaysia, Kinrara Oval
April 30: Uganda vs. Bermunda, UKM Oval
May 2: Uganda vs. Singapore, Royal Selangor
May 3: Uganda vs. Denmark, Kinrara Oval
May 5: Uganda vs. Jersey, UKM Oval