Stalemate at UCA

Monday January 28 2019

Incumbent Ansasira

Incumbent Ansasira 

By Darren Allan Kyeyune

Kampala. For nearly five hours, Bashir Ansasiira and Paul Nsibuka felt much heat at the Uganda Cricket Association (UCA) elective general assembly at Kati Kati Restaurant in Lugogo on Saturday.
The incumbent, Ansasiira and his head of finance Nsibuka, tied 8-8 in the poll for UCA chairman seat, a draw happening for the first time in the body’s history.
But prior to that, Ansasiira and Nsibuka had had egg on face when they failed to give answers to the fiery questions about the audited books of accounts for the association.

Erroneous report
Former UCA boss William Kibuukamusoke from Tornado Bee and Nile founding member Enock Barambo led the assembly to reject adoption of the financial report.
The sneak peek of it all began when former national team coach Davis Turinawe noted discrepancy of Shs700m being placed to two events - ICC Men’s Regional T20 and World Cricket League Division Three in Oman were in the 2017 column on page 26. In contrast, these tournaments were played in 2018, inevitably raising eye brows.
“ICC sees these reports and this is Shs700m misplaced. You have to sell your public image as well,” said Turinawe. Kibuukamusoke was quick to fire at the auditor from Crowe AIA. UCA CEO Martin Ondeko calmed the fears saying “it was a minor error in text and not figures”. Then an exchange ensued with opinions and submissions from delegates, UCA Trustee Stephen Luswata as well as the gallery.
“The secretariat we employ cannot be explaining the expenditure of Shs2.5b in two pages,” Kibuukamusoke said.
“We cannot blindly accept these figures. This report is too shallow.”
Special General Meeting to decide
The report will now be subjected to a Special General Meeting (SGM) on February 16.
At the SGM is where new auditors will as well be appointed plus a re-run of Ansasiira against Nsibuka pending a constitutional resolution, on advice of Luswata.
From the eight member voting clubs, four (Nile, Premier, Africa and Wanderers) voted for Ansasiira while the other quartet went intact to Nsibuka. In 2017 when Ansasiira beat Nsibuka 9-7 from the 16-vote, it is the Wanderers’ vote that was split with Ansasiira taking Nile, Premier, KICC and Tornado Bee’s trust.
This time, the latter two crossed to Nsibuka while the Tornado stalwart lost Africa to Ansasiira.

Not done yet though!
On Saturday, Ansasiira was even lucky that Wanderers and Africa voted as they had been queried by UCA accountant Caroline Lubango on their subscription fees.
This paper understands that these two clubs quickly paid up by cheque to be able to vote. Also, had the three Trustees Luswata, Abram Lutaaya and Ranmal Keshwala split the two as the assembly had cherished, Nsibuka would have been the victor.
Why? Luswata is Nsibuka’s elder brother and the two have a well-known cordial relationship with Lutaaya (2-0 of three) implying Ansasiira would stand no chance.
Luckily, Section 1 of Article X of the UCA constitution reads: “The Trustees shall not be entitled to vote and may not pay memberships fees...”

2019 UCA AGM
Paul Nsibuka (8): Tornado (2), JACC (2),
KICC (2), Tornado Bee (2)
Bashir Ansasiira (8): Premier (2),
Wanderers (2), Nile (2), Africa (2)