UCA lay plot to forge forward

Monday April 22 2019

Dynamic Duo: UCA chairman Bashir Ansasiira (L)

Dynamic Duo: UCA chairman Bashir Ansasiira (L) and the game’s CEO Martin Ondeko are determined to make their time at the helm of the association very fruitful in terms of the game making positive strides forward. PHOTO BY EDDIE CHICCO. 


Kampala. Uganda Cricket Association (UCA) board members, coaches and former playersmet at the Copper Chimney Restaurant in Lugogo to contribute to a new strategy aimed at turning around the gentleman’s game in Uganda for good.

The sessions, spearheaded by Commercial Value Group’s Ronald Wakabi, were conducted to steer creativity and collaboration across the board.

Chairman Bashir ‘Badu’ Ansasiira remarked that mission of Uganda Cricket Association (UCA) is to introduce the game to more people, providing opportunities for every boy or girl who wants to take up the sport and play it to the highest level, providing year-round programs at every level to drive success, inspiring unity and diversity.

Strong pillars
UCA is focusing on four main pillars which are; Growing the game, International Success, Operational efficiency and Making the game more popular. These four pillars are generally complementary to each other.

For growing the game, UCA is looking at making it easy for any one to be introduced to cricket mainly through primary schools and community cricket, having a unified curriculum that ensures all learners grasp the basics of the game regardless of their physical location, aligning the work of development officers to the strategy and ensuring more cricket is played within schools.

UCA is counting on clubs to be the hub of the sport and the objective is to have sustainable structures, improve commercial appeal and diversify revenue opportunities for clubs.

To achieve international success, the longer-term objective is to have a competitive group of cricketers that would create selection migraines for the coach, exposing players to more competitive cricket and putting in place facilities and training modules to enhance the physical, technical, tactical and psychological conditioning of players so that they’re in the best possible state to win matches.

Possible deliverables
Operational efficiency is critical to the realisation of the strategy and UCA is looking at having a structure in place to support the strategy, aligning every employees’ deliverables to the strategy, increasing revenue streams, managing expenses and creating better synergy between the board, the secretariat, committees, the fraternity and external stakeholders.

Cricket is a popular game world over and UCA wants to increase the game’s appeal within Uganda. As a well-run organisation, with thriving development programs, a motivated fraternity and winning national teams, UCA wants cricket to make Ugandans extremely proud. Every Ugandan should be identifying with the values and fun of cricket as a game.

UCA’s strategy is to make cricket the most loved sport in Uganda with successful national teams that give natives utmost joy and a true sense of belonging.