From volunteering to most successful golf manager

Tuesday April 2 2019

Ssemawere prepares to tee off in Singleto

Ssemawere prepares to tee off in Singleton golf. Photo by Eddie Chicco 

By Darren Allan Kyeyune

When did you start playing golf?

Late 2007 though as a kid I had tried it at Jinja Club.

Who introduced you to golf?
No one. I wanted to play cricket but when I used to go to the oval, there was one to play with most of the times hence I decided to buy a golf kit and just drove to the club one day.

So you grew up in Jinja? Were you a batsman?
I was an all-rounder. In Senior Four at St James SSS, I was the opening batsman for JACC and was nicknamed ‘Solid Man’.

How did you end up at Entebbe Club if you’re from Jinja?
I was working at Entebbe Airport and looked for sport to do. I had actually wanted cricket but went to golf. I was in Jinja as a kid and left after my O’ Level examinations.
You are currently the vice-chairman of Entebbe Golf Club. How did you rise?

I started out as bar member at the end of 2007. I had never thought about volunteering at the club. But from then, I just continued.
Then Kiryowa Kiwanuka actually requested and encouraged me to volunteer for the executive committee in 2008. My rise based on how I served. I helped the bar to make profits and was elected club captain from 2012-2016 where I was part of all changes and innovations.


Were you voted to become Entebbe Club vice-chairman?

After serving as captain, members deemed it fit to make me vice chairman. I was just appointed to the position until today.
You are rated as Uganda’s most successful national team manager. How did start working with the Uganda Golf Union?

I was requested to serve as team manager by Mr. Kiwanuka in 2014 so I began with the junior team.
Then, the team that came after him wanted to work with me as person in charge of golf development. Seeing the increase in funding from R&A and golf equipment donations, I pioneered setting up of Uganda rules team whereby I was also trained in rules up to Level 3 with Edwin Tumusiime.
We were the first Ugandans to attend a rules Level 3 and tournament administration course at St. Andrews in Scotland. This paved a way for others and professionalizing how our major tournaments are organised.

Who are some of the golfers you’ve handled?

Ronald Otile, Daniel Baguma, Edrine Okong, Joel Basalaine, Denis Asaba and Herman Mutebi. I pioneered golf and school where the best youngsters continue with their careers and education in USA.

By playing golf, what life lessons have you learnt?

Job: Aviation Consultant
Started Golf: Late 2007
Handicap: 14
Best score: 76 gross at Entebbe (par-71)
Favourite golf club: Entebbe
Favourite ball: Callaway
Favourite golfers: Tiger Woods, Jason Day
Apparel: Callaway
Major Honours: None