Bikers register gains in fight against cancer

Wednesday September 27 2017

Finally back. Uganda Bikers Association member

Finally back. Uganda Bikers Association member Pietro Averono (middle) strikes a triumphant pose at Cafe Javas in Nakawa yesterday afternoon. The team of bikers returned after a humanitarian ride for cancer through Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya. PHOTO BY JB SSENKUBUGE 

By Swaib Raul Kanyike

Kampala. A fortnight ago, 19 bikers under their Uganda Bikers Association (UBA) umbrella embarked on a 5,500km road trip across Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya to create awareness on cancer and road safety.
On Tuesday, they returned from the draining journey with a smile on their faces.

“Yes, we made a difference. We had stopovers in major towns along the way where we addressed hundreds of people about cancer. They say knowledge is power, we empowered quite a number in the fight against cancer. Various bikers’ clubs in Kenya have promised to do similar campaigns in their localities,” said Gianfranco Masseto, who led the bikers. Lira Municipality legislator, Jimmy Akena, atop his red Honda CBR 1000RR 2007 model bike, drew wild cheers upon his arrival. For Akena, this cause means a lot. He has lost a number of family members and friends to cancer.

“Two of my uncles died because of cancer, and my sister-in-law is undergoing treatment. My mother is a cancer survivor.
“My uncles died because they took long to know they had cancer. So, I realized that early detection and treatment is key. And that was my message to the people that I met on my way,” he said.
Stephen Mukisa, the spokesperson of the bikers, urged Ugandans to embrace any cause that spearheads the fight against cancer.
“For us as bikers, through our passion, we are showing that we can contribute to the world to have a healthy population. Back then people used to think that bikers were goons and criminals, but here we are, engaging the whole of East Africa in a noble cause like this.”

On return, the bikers were hosted to a luncheon at Café Javas, Nakawa. Mandela Group, through City Oil, are platinum partners. They fueled the bikes on their way to the trip and have committed themselves to partner the bikers in other projects.