Corporate Games targeting bigger enrolment, participation

Thursday October 17 2019

Different Styles. Corporates compete in a sack

Different Styles. Corporates compete in a sack race event. PHOTO BY REGINA NALUJJA 


The inaugural edition of Corporate Games climaxed on Sunday at Kyambogo Cricket Oval after various outings that started in March.

The games embraced several sporting disciplines including football, volleyball, athletics, tug of war and chess among others.

The Games chairperson Ian Rumanyika was delighted with the participation and hinted on an expanded edition with more games next year.

He also called upon more companies to register for next year’s edition.

“We will have more fun next year as the edition will be bigger and better. I also call upon more corporate companies to register for these Games,” said Rumanyika.

He also appreciated participants for heeding to the Games’ rules.


“Companies have not used mercenaries, which has brought out the real objective of these games,” said Rumanyika.

“Companies have marketed themselves and people have learnt what various companies do. This is a great marketing and awareness platform which more companies should embrace.”

Among sectors targeted for Corporate Games include; telecommunications, agriculture, insurance, banking, construction, beverage, audit and accounting, legislators, clearing and forwarding, government parastatals and industries.

According to several participants that took part in the outing, the Games created external team building and also helped corporates improve their physical fitness who many a time are tied up for long hours at their work places.

“We have got in touch with fellow corporates and we have also marketed our products, not forgetting gaining physical fitness,” said Dr Kevin Otieno from Joint Medical Store.