FNL: Fun basketball returns, excites fans

Wednesday January 30 2019

Team Zama (black) and Team Flirs

Team Zama (black) and Team Flirsh in action this season. PHOTO BY JB SSENKUBUGE 


KAMPALA- There is still quite some time before the NBL season tips off. But while it is away, basketball appetite has not relented.

And to whet the appetite of the sports aficionados, the Tusker Lite Friday Night Lights couldn’t have resumed at a better time. The series started sometime last year but broke off during the festivities.
However, they are now back.

And their resumption at Panamera Bar in Kampala on Friday night couldn’t have been more timely.

The upcoming Fuba elections will usher in a mundane chapter of the sports administrative politics that rarely endears itself to fans.

There were loads of gifts and drinks thanks to the sponsor and the teams that graced the occasion left with few complaints

Team Zama and Team Fahmy graced the plastic outdoor court first. And the latter duly won the game 21-15 but both sides reported to the awarding podium for goodies that included Shs100,000 each and buckets of Tusker Lite beer. This was the case for all the eight games played.

More games went down thereafter while revellers were kept entertained by various activities as the event yet again lived up to its promise of providing unbridled fun and unlimited drink. Through the several challenges on the night, fans won headsets, t-shirt, bibs and pints of beer among other things.

The much celebrated artists Hit Nature wowed fans especially when they performed their biggest hit, ‘Twazikoze’ and all fans and players sang in unison, ‘zaweze.’ Team Ikong were dominant on the day with victories over Team Josh and Team Madol.Netball Championships in Kampala.

Uganda missed the 2015 edition in Botswana as they were preparing for World Cup.