Millions of Ugandans in sports field are jobless

Monday July 27 2020

Ladies doing their thing: Former national rugby

Ladies doing their thing: Former national rugby captain Atyang training female players at Kyadondo last year. PHOTO | FILE 

By Innocent Ndawula

Warm greetings, President Museveni. Well done in the past couple of months with the fight to avert the Covid-19 pandemic.

I know things haven’t entirely played out as you envisaged. But do plans ever? Coming short to a smaller extent is sometimes acceptable.

Nevertheless, it is deserving of a pat on the back. The last time I gazed into your eyes on July 21 as you eased the lockdown and curfew times during the umpteenth Presidential Address, many were all eyes and ears. You spoke with affection and gave considerable thought to sentiment.

You own a special reputation as a born multi-tasker and I pray the brewing political atmosphere doesn’t sway away your focus. But I am a novice of politics and I am not here to offer any worthy advice. I will leave politics to the men with a breeding for it.

Back to last Tuesday’s address. Mr President, you ending the lengthy speech without mentioning sport hurt to the bone. That you still regard sports in the same category as churches, nightclubs and bars is unjust.

Keeping the athletes indoors is denying them breath. These gallant people live off their sweat. Sport is a livelihood for more than nine million Ugandans – both actively playing and in administration.


These athletes are our real heroes. They carry the national flag with pride, give us priceless global recognition and forthwith a sense of belonging with something to cheer about.

As the No.1 citizen, it is imperative for you to know that your heroes and heroines are surviving by the grace of God. A meal-a-day has become a luxury and yet they must keep in shape for scheduled future engagements.

As you continue engaging with your trusted sources, please start opening up the sports sector with lower risk sports first. We don’t expect you to bat an eyelid and spare the rod. But the SOPs have already been submitted and associations are intent on following them to the dot.

Please, change your perception about sports. It is as relevant as any other sector and it is the only assured game changer for national prosperity if well catered for. Mr President, break the bread evenly for brotherhood purposes!