Muhangi acquired driving licence at 12, says mother

Monday December 10 2018

The late Charles Muhangi. PHOTO BY ABUBAKER

The late Charles Muhangi. PHOTO BY ABUBAKER LUBOWA 

By Felix Ainebyoona

Bushenyi. As the country mourns the passing of 1999 African Rally Championship Charles Muhangi who died on Thursday morning at his home in Buziga Kampala, his mother Angella Komuzire, 80, vividly remembers the pride his late son brought to the family when he learnt driving.
Despite of the day’s misfortune of his son’s death, Komuzire’s eyes shone with joy as she thanked God for the gift of a child he gave her in Charles Muhangi. She said that Muhangi studied up to Senior Three but it is his love for cars which shone the brightest. She recalls that Muhangi started driving as young as 10 before acquiring a driving license at.
‘’Muhangi was hardworking and God fearing but loved driving a lot. It is a job he liked most on earth,’’ said Komuzire.
Muhangi started driving small cars before he accumulated Shs200,000 and bought a Coaster van. It was from here that he bought a bus. At the time of his death, he had bought more than 40 buses.
Komuzire has fresh memories of his son’s African Rally Championship triumph.
‘’When he started, we prayed to God that he wins the championship which God answered because without God he would not have managed the hills of Rwanda. Unfortunately, when he brought the trophy home the celebrations were held at Kololo and the trophy was taken to Parliament. I heard that it is still there,’’ she said.
Born September 20, 1957 to Late Alfunsi Rwomunkore and Ms Komuzire in Bumbaire II village, Bushenyi District, he assumed paternal responsibilities as the first born.
“When his father was kidnapped and killed by Amin’s soldiers, he took over paternal responsibilities for his siblings,” said Komuzire as she paid tribute to her departed son.