Fitness freak Mudoola reaping fruits of lockdown

Wednesday June 10 2020

No Spent Force. Mudoola’s fitness has continued

No Spent Force. Mudoola’s fitness has continued to put in shifts for both club and country whenever his tight work schedule allows. PHOTO | EDDIE CHICCO  


For the last 85 days or so, many have found themselves glued on their devices in the name of staying fit ,thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic forced lockdown which has altered several individuals’ workout routines and sports activities.

But for siblings Timothy and Charlotte Mudoola, both active rugby players under their brand name, Mudoola Sports, have fully utilised the window by hosting zoom workouts which have kept their following in shape during this tough time.

Described as a ‘fitness freak’, by Helen Buteme - a former Lady Cranes player and coach, Timothy’s daily drills will empty your tank but at the same time give a sense of satisfaction. Reuben Kihumuro, a sports pundit cum marketeer, has for the last two months been a fixture on the Mudoola Sports platform and his testimony is that of gratification.

“The sessions are really tough but all in all, its a great work out programme,” said Kihumuro.

The 2007 African champion surprised all when he made the cut for the 2017 Dubai and Cape Town HSBC World Rugby Cranes Sevens side after a seven-year hiatus. Aged 33, his exceptional fitness levels and game management got him the selectors’ nod. What started as a two-man work out session has grown into daily virtual gatherings of close to 100 people.

“From a Whatsapp session of two people, we are now on zoom. It feels good,” said Mudoola.


For Mudoola, the positive feedback from his audience only gives him reason to keep pushing. Knowing his work is being appreciated out there means he’s here to stay.

“Some people have told me they have lost weight while others have gained muscle. Some could not do even a single push up or burpee but can now do 10. It has generally been good feedback and we will stay on after lockdown,” revealed Mudoola.