Fufa transfer veto: A Nyamityobora target?

Friday January 11 2019

 Mwebaze is responsible for steadyi

Time To Deliver. Nyamityobora coach Mwebaze. Photo by Eddie Chicco 

By George Katongole

KAMPALA- Ten days into the January secondary transfer window, temperatures have started to rise.

Moses Magogo, the Fufa President, has waded into the chaotic saga with his own opinion suggesting that there should be stability in contracts. But what is insulting is the suggestion by the December 31, 2018 circular indicating that ‘players lost voluntarily will not be replaced.’

To some people, this was interpreted as a target to a decimated Nyamityobora, a club staring at relegation halfway the season.
Nyamityobora, whose president is embattled Immanuel Ben Misagga, who was forced out of Villa before he was received with open arms in Mbarara by his friend Ali Ssekatawa, the team’s patron.

He is haunted by his debatable social media tirades against the federation and his abiding presidential ambitions.

Misagga told Daily Monitor that he is targeted in as far as replacing suspended players are concerned.

Nyamityobora, for various reasons, dismissed eight players with some putting up disappearing acts and has been using up to six youth players to make a complete match day squad.

But the reality check is whether the contracts players sign are worth the paper they are written upon.

Technically, players are employees for the services they provide. These contracts basically impose an obligation on them to provide work by playing, mutuality of obligation and subjecting them to the control of the team.
However, sporting regulations run alongside such employment contracts.
Teams rarely dismiss players for misconduct despite any justifications. This is because of increasing player power.

Contracts as we know them can be unilaterally terminated even though Article 17 of Fifa regulations requires termination upon expiry of the term of the contract or by mutual agreement. But when a player appears in fewer than ten per cent of the official matches in which his club has been involved, he can be let to go.

Three months ago, Nyamityobora parted ways with then first choice goalkeeper Franko Oringa, skipper Henry Wamala and midfielder Bruhan Matovu Kasozi.

A further five; goalkeeper Hilary Jomi, John Kisakye, Patrick Gonahasa, Ivan Mbowa and Ibrahim Massa were also suspended in December.

Till now, they are in idle mode yet Fifa advocates for players being active as much as possible inducement of breach of contracts notwithstanding. That’s why sanctions can be called against an offender.

Nyamityobora’s problem
The point is that Nyamityobora may or may not be targeted but they are facing consequences of inadequate preparation.

Like Fufa competitions committee boss, Aisha Nalule observed, key positions at the secretariat are being handled by people who are not up to the task.

The pre-season build-up was greatly lacking coupled with a poor recruitment. The resignation of Emma Yaramba as chairman, to some extent destabilised the team so much that it is still recovering from related tremors.

They now find themselves in a conundrum but head coach Asaph Mwebaze is confident of restoring order.

Even if no new players are allowed, he has confidence in the youngsters.