Kiprop counters Mumbai ’s best field ever

Sunday January 19 2020
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Jackson Kiprop

Jackson Kiprop (pictured) is a well-known man in Mumbai, India. Here is where he launched his marathon career seven years ago when broke chains of a pace-maker to win the Mumbai Marathon in a then course record time of two hours, nine minutes and 32 seconds.
Each time this calm and collected runner boards a plane, those memories return and they should even ring a louder bell when Kiprop gets to the starting line again for this World Athletics Gold Label Race today.
Kiprop is back in Mumbai for the first time in three years and now meets the best elite field ever at this 42km event. He posted 2:14.54 in eighth place there in 2016. “It’s a 20-men strong field,” noted Kiprop’s manager Jurrie van der Velden. “It is the best-ever assembled group in Mumbai,” said the Dutchman. At the time Kiprop won, he was 26 with energy. He is now 33-year-old and has not run a time faster than that of Mumbai in 2013, largely due to a spate of injuries and lack of best shape.
“It will be tough to finish top-5 as there are several 2.04-2.06 performers in there,” Jurrie stated.
On the other hand, Kiprop, who broke down the field for counterpart Stephen Kiprotich to win the world title in Russian capital Moscow later in 2013, has accumulated a wealth of experience with 15 marathons under his belt.