Soccer journalists bid farewell to Micho

Monday July 31 2017

Scribes threw abash for the departing Serbian

Scribes threw abash for the departing Serbian  

By Darren Allan Kyeyune

Fred Musisi Kiyingi, Ennyanda Editor: He brought smiles to faces of Ugandans who had lost hope. We had forgotten how to win away.

Joseph Owino, Kawowo Sports Founder: He was a man who forgot about all his troubles as he enjoyed the company of Ugandans who appreciated his first-hand contribution to the sport.
Abdu Nasser Ssemugabi, Daily Monitor Writer: A coach typically made for Uganda. I will never forget a very engaging coach, who always reminded us of his principles, achievements and sacrifices via social media. He took on critics with the same vigor as he embraced admirers on WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. There, he is a Donald Trump of sorts.
Brian Tukasingura, Capital FM Presenter: One coach who really pays attention to detail. He really helped Uganda in preparing for games through friendlies that he personally organized.
Peter Tabu, Radio City FM Presenter: Micho was passionate and invested a lot of time in studying his opponents, a strength that most national team coaches don’t possess.
Julius Senyimba, New Vision Scribe: I hated everything about him. He is the worst manager ever, portraying himself as a class monitor who used to speak vernacular and at the same time write your names down.
Denis Bbosa, Daily Monitor Writer: He made players at all levels believe they can don the national team jersey although it somehow created many ‘ex-internationals’ in the process. His departure will be felt for a while.
Aminah Babirye, KCCA FC Photographer: He was a prayerful coach and appreciative of fans who travelled to watch Cranes away. After the team beat Botswana in Francistown (2016), he came and told me ‘Webale nnyo nyabo okugya’ loosely translated as ‘Thanks for coming madam’.
Ismail Kiyonga, Kawowo Sports Writer: A passionate guy who loved his job, really knowledgeable about the game. His approach wasn’t a cup of tea for attack-minded thinkers but he went for what brought results.
John Torach, Radio One FM Presenter: When he was appointed, I said it was the best decision Lawrence Mulindwa had ever made in his presidency. I am glad he leaves a legacy of success.
Robert Madoi, NTV Sports Editor: His indelible mark in my book should be how he turned Cranes from poor travelers into formidable opponents on the road.
Ruben Luyombo, Kwese Free Sports Pundit: A true definition of the word fair play in football terms. Micho would always quarrel, or even abuse someone if it were to do with Cranes. But one attribute he had, he would never let a feud go on for long.
Andrew Kabuura, ESPN Kwese Presenter: His unbelievable knowledge about African football is amazing. He is in our archives as one of our best ever.
Mark Namanya, Daily Monitor Sports Editor: The man did his homework on continental opposition better than any other Uganda Cranes coach in history. Be it Mauritania or Comoros, Micho would tell you the strength and weakness of their reserve full back or goalkeeper. He will be missed.