Unearthing more Obuas, Nserekos- Lwasa

Wednesday April 8 2020

Nsereko (R) and Obua enjoyed some time with

Nsereko (R) and Obua enjoyed some time with West Ham United. PHOTOS BY EDDIE CHICCO 


Whereas Kenya, Burundi and more recently Tanzania can boast of having their nationals playing or having played in coveted English Premier League (EPL), Uganda remain with mere aspirations.

Germany-born forward Savio Nsereko and legendary David Obua were the closest Uganda came to being associated with the EPL.

Nsereko actually did sign for West Ham in January 2009 but he remains arguably the worst club-record signing after he made just one start and failed to score in any of his 10 appearances before being sold to Fiorentina in the same year.

Obua, too, was at Upton Park but for only just 10 days in July 2008 and despite featuring for the Hammers in a pre-season friendly against Hampton and Richmond FC at Beveree Stadium.

But nothing materialised and the lanky player was off to Scotland where he enjoyed four seasons with Scottish Premier League (SPL) side Hearts FC.

Possible change


But the dreams of the previous two decades could now become a feasible reality after Ugandan entrepreneur Marvin Lwasa purchased an equity state in London-based football consultancy Eden Sports.

The company specialises in talent procurement, sports investments and Premier League commercial partnership and is currently in advanced stages of purchasing two European football clubs, with the aim of helping young African players showcase their talents in Europe.

“We truly believe there is an abundance of talented footballers in Uganda. Through this project we will unearth the next David Obuas and Savio Nserekos,” said Lwasa, who is now an Executive Director at Eden Sports, when asked on how this latest development will benefit Ugandan footballers.

Lwasa enthused that his ultimate goal is to elevate the quality of players within the national team with the help of Federation of Uganda Football Associations (Fufa) and forwith help Uganda qualify for their first-ever Fifa World Cup possibly in 2026.

“That is our goal. We want to create a win-win situation for all parties. Within our existing portfolio we will continue developing careers on the pitch, whilst also helping our clients realise their full commercial value by helping them to grow their brands, added Lwasa, also the owner of Serene Suites in Mutundwe.

Expanding horizons

“For nearly a decade we have been solely focused on football and have no immediate plans for that to change, however if we unearthed a top talent in boxing, basketball or music, which are other areas of interest for us, we have the resources to expand.”

Lwasa says because of the business’ fragility and for the purposes of protecting their clients from any media outlets at this very moment, it is not wise to disclose the particular names they have worked with.

“Confidentiality with our clients is important. But I am happy to disclose that we’ve managed players at Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea and Liverpool. Eden Sports will identify players aged between 17-21 years old and supply them with elite coaching and training facilities in Europe, while also providing maximum exposure to showcase their talents on a global stage,” disclosed Lwasa.

Jordan Wise, the founder of Eden Sports, who oversees the company’s strategic vision, has already secured some landmark multi- million-pound football transfers and commercial contracts with a handful of EPL stars.