Uspa push ‘Supreme’ message, hold service

Friday August 23 2019

City Tyres  and Supreme Flour officials handed

City Tyres and Supreme Flour officials handed over cash and a bicycle that will be won after a bicycle race in Lugazi tomorrow. PHOTO BY ISMAIL KEZAALA 


Monsignor (Msgr) Lawrence Ssemusu Lugoloobi told people gathered at Christ the King Church’s Cardinal Wamala Hall yesterday that young people should consider the kind of life they will be remembered for during a memorial service to fallen sports journalists.
The service is a precursor to celebrations to remember four budding journalists who died in a tragic accident on August 28, 2001.

Mandela Group of Companies, a long-time supporter of the annual road safety campaigns, boosted the event that climaxes on Saturday with a Shs10m under the auspices of their Supereme Flour brand.

The Monitor’s Francis Batte Jr, New Vision’s Kenneth Matovu, Leo Kabunga, and Simon Peter Ekarot were killed in a ghastly road accident just outside Lugazi town, which kick started campaigns aimed at promoting road safety.

The four, executive members of Uspa, were returning to Kampala from Njeru where they had gone to meet Nile Breweries’ chief Henry Rudd, in preparation for the Sportsman of the Year gala.

Referring to the Biblical Great Banquet, Msgr Ssemusu said: “Shall we all gather at the banquet? I urge you to not only think of what is now but what will come,” Ssemusu, who revealed his undying love for German side Bayern Munich and any team that beats Manchester United, prayed.

Uspa president Patrick Kanyomozi said: “I am only happy that I share the same profession like the men I admired,” he said applauding the role partners play in having the event. The activities continue today at Mulago Hospital .