Villa must put its acts together

Monday June 29 2020

Villa CEO Shawn Mubiru talks a good game.

The ‘forever’ interim chairman William Nkemba cuts a posture as the ideal leader any club would pay a fortune to have in their ranks.

The two’s untold connections with ‘business moguls in the corridors of power’ presents picture perfect. Unfortunately, all that we see is a big fallacy. For a club harbouring ambitions of lifting a record 17th league title, things cannot continue running the way they are at Villa Park (does it even still exist?) No doubt that they are honest and accountable, but the management styles of Mubiru, Nkemba and Team Manager Luyimbazi Junior relieve them of a few stripes. How come they just cannot hold onto their proven talents?

Charles ‘Neymar’ Lwanga has already camped at KCCA. And talk that nimble-footed left-back Derrick Ndahiro wants to follow Lwanga’s path, will leave insurmountable pain in the hearts of the Villa faithful. Both walk away as free agents because Villa have faulted on their contractual obligations (read payments). Too painful, huh!

The state of affairs at Villa is that they’re financially handicapped. This has left the club at the mercy of – call them – ‘witty conmen or schemers’ for lack of better words, who have taken full advantage of the situation to splash a few millions to the unsuspecting players as the management look on powerlessly.

Talk that assistant coach Ibrahim Kirya wields too much power, oversteps the boundary line and over-rides decisions made by soft-spoken gaffer Edward Kaziba, especially when it comes to fielding youngsters, doesn’t bode well for team camaraderie. The whole system is flawed. But how did we get here for a club that arguably boasts of the largest fan base in East Africa? Mubiru needs to get his hands extra dirty and rally even those ‘non socialite’ moneybags Jogoo fans of yesteryear.


They need to be tickled out of their kamoolis (read hiding places). And what happened to the club elections that were due in February? The interim executive has overstayed its welcome. Things cannot continue going south. The Blues need to see the cockerel crow again.