Why do my private parts smell so much?

Tuesday May 2 2017


Why do my private parts smell so much?

I am 16 years old but sexually active. I get a bad smell in my private parts but it goes when I use Drez vaginal cream. Will I use the cream for life? -Nightangel

Dear Nightangel: Being sexually active could mean that you may be having STDs causing the smell.

At 16 years you require concentrating on your studies because it may be difficult at that age to be in control of your sexual matters being led by emotion rather than reason resulting in social, economic and health problems.

Drez has components that treat imbalances in vaginal bacteria which lead to a fishy smell due to increases in bad vaginal bacteria. Drez also treats vaginal candidiasis.

The vaginal canal has both good and bad vaginal bacteria that live in balance. If bad bacteria increase or good bacteria reduce, this may result in bacterial vaginosis whose only symptom may be a fish-like smelling vagina.


Though bacterial vaginosis can happen to any woman, it is common in sexually active women with a new or multiple partners.

Any smell on a human body will embarrass yet after sometime it will not be appreciated by the victim making one think the smell is there when it is long gone.

Unfortunately, your sex partner may not tell you that there is a smell. All these will encourage self-prescription which may continue indefinitely.

Do I have cancer?

Dear Doctor: I am 65 years old and I am developing small white spots on my skin. Could it be cancer?
— Nalumansi

Dear Nalumansi: Just like one can have gray hair, with age one may develop white patches on the skin. Hair is given its colour by surrounding black pigment producing cells which as one grays, makes the surrounding skin look patchy and white.

What you call small white patches is just an age-related graying of skin without health but cosmetic consequences. If patches grow bigger and merge, this could be another condition called vitiligo requiring medical attention.

White spots also could mean a fungal infection and are unlikely to be due to cancer.

Is it true that eating jack fruit can reduce weight? I want to embark on it and see because I have failed to lose weight or I get drugs?— Anita

Dear Anita:Jack fruits are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and sugars and are hence very nutritious.

Apart from helping with fitness, they rejuvenate the body and help prevent diseases including obesity, cancer and hypertension.

Jack fruits have a lot of fibre hence helping provide a feeling of fullness with fewer calories. This is the reason why a person trying to lose weight may consume jack fruit instead of high calorie foods with lots of carbohydrate and fat resulting in weight loss.

Obesity is associated with lots of health problems including heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, gall stones and painful joints.

Treatment of obesity requires a suitable diet, exercise and encouragement among others. Anti-obesity drugs should only be considered if one has a BMI (body mass index which is one’s weight in kilogrammes divided by the square of his height in metres) of 30 or greater after at least three months of trying and failing to lose weight.

Are artificial eyes transplanted from sheep?

Dear Doctor: My late uncle had artificial eyes commonly believed to be sheep’s eyes. Are those eyes transplanted from sheep?— Haruna Abalimbwire

Dear Haruna: What you call artificial eyes (prosthetic eyes) are cosmetic eyes meant to fill a depression (eye socket) left behind when the eye was completely removed. The eyes are made from synthetic.
A prosthetic eye moves, but often not like the other healthy eye.
Today, visual prosthetic eyes can help one see unlike the type you are talking about that are merely cosmetic.