What could be the solution to eczematic skin condition?

Monday June 2 2014

By Vincent Karuhanga

Dear Doctor: What could be the solution to eczematic skin condition? I have it all over my body, face, inclusive yet I do not have syphilis or HIV/Aids. Muwanguzi N

Dear Muwanguzi: People with allergic tendencies may have recurrent inflammation of skin with itching, flaking and blistering called eczema. Because the skin will then overreact to substances taken into the body, or that come in contact with it, the condition keeps recurring even with the best treatment.
A person with eczema, apart from a doctor’s treatment, should look out for conditions or substances that kick start the eczema and if possible, avoid them. Changing laundry and using milder bathing soaps, preventing drying of skin by taking warm showers or baths after which an emollient is applied to the skin (emollients stop drying by stopping water evaporation), avoiding wearing tight-fitting, rough, or scratchy clothing and scratching the rash as well as limiting sweat accumulating on the skin are also good non-medical measures for eczema. During attacks, it is important to avoid strenuous exercise because this causes lots of sweating. Mental stress, which on its own causes eczema flares, should also be properly managed.