Burgers: A poolside affair

Monday June 19 2017


By A. Kadumukasa Kironde II

Merchants of Hamburgn port, Germany through centuries of trade with Estonians, Latvians and Finns, had acquired the Baltic taste for scrapped raw beef. It was not until the St Louis World’s Fair in 1904 that broiled, was introduced to the rest of the world by the Germans of South St Louis as hamburger.
Americans took to the hamburger like a duck takes to water and within no time became their all-time favoruite meal. Understandably, for Americans who are perennially on the go, the hamburger offered a combination of convenience, and tasty nourishment that seemed just what the doctor ordered.

Fans of burger
As a matter of fact, it’s more glamorous hotel menu name, Salisbury steak, harks back to the end of the century London physician, Dr J.H. Salisbury, who invented a regimen based on broiled lean minced beef three times a day. Nowadays, alas, some American (yes and Ugandan) children have become unconsciously such fans of Dr Salisbury’s diet that they will eat nothing else; one desperate mother we know has dubbed it “the daily grind.”

Breathtaking ambiance
For years Kabira Country Club has offered first class dining with an eclectic menu that takes in the best of continental, some Mex-Tex and a wide spectrum of Indian and last but not least the fabled Mongolian grill. In terms of venue and ambiance they are unbeatable.
Few places centrally located offer accommodation, an excellent gym, an Olympic size pool and a fully kitted out kitchen run by an internationally acclaimed and recognised chef. Naturally and it goes without saying Kabira Country Club has excellent food and their burgers and sandwiches are no exception.

Weekend delights
It was no wonder that given the above parameters they came up with the novel idea of burgers and sandwiches on weekends specifically to be enjoyed by the poolside during weekends and public holidays.
The burgers offered are beef, chicken or vegetable and they are very filling and tasty with lettuce, onions and tomatoes and a choice of mustard or mayonnaise. Shs20,000 will get you a burger with fries and a salad which is quite affordable and a bargain in our view.

Wash it down
Of course, on a sunny day you would probably wish to slake your thirst with refreshing cold drink and here they have come up with some wonderful cocktails from which to choose. Not into cocktails then no sweat. Beer, soda or juice will do nicely.

RATINGS: These ratings are purely the reviewer’s personal reaction to food, ambience and service with price being factored into consideration.

Place: Kabira Country Club, Bukoto
Rating: Worth a visit
Location: By the poolside
Food: Simply snacks
Open: Daily though the poolside menu is good for weekends and public holidays
Menu: Weekend poolside menu viz. chicken burgers, beef burgers, chicken burgers, vegetable burger, hot dogs and sandwiches served with a side order of fries and a salad
Beverages: Cocktails anything from a choice of gin cocktails such as the classic Alexander, or the gimlet or even the gin bitter, martinis, pink lady, white lady to the traditional Manhattan or old fashioned. Into rum then knock yourself out with a Benedictine or the Cubana and who has never heard of a daiquiri? Mai tai, knickerbocker or just plain downright bloody Mary they are there for the asking and the damage? Shs 15,000 only.
Price range: Shs 20,000 for the burgers or sandwiches and Shs15,000 for the cocktails.
Recommended dishes: The chicken burger
Service: On the money
Ambience: Convivial and wholly alfresco just what the doctor ordered for Uganda’s wonderful temperate climate.
Parking: Secure and abundant