Bringing a unique RnB sound

Saturday November 6 2010

Nick Nola has been involved in several high profile projects in the music industry in Uganda. He turned 25 years in July yet the humble musician is a veteran in the industry having turned professional in his late teens. His hits include Habiba, Nkusiimye and Aliwa (a follow up to a previous collaboration with Jamal Wasswa called Aliwa Oyo), and he is also popular for his collaborations with artistes in hits like Mother Africa, Brand New Day, Dusk till Dawn, Aliwa Oyo, Nkoye Okulinda, Sembera Eno and the new hit, I Love The Way. Although, he experiments with several genres, there is a unique RnB sound that Nick Nola brings to the table each time.

Nick Nola has spent much of 2010 in studios with several producers such as Washington, Swangz Ave, Good Enuf, Kiwuwa and Allan Okia. With his new managers at UGPulse, Nick Nola wants to show his talent as a solo artist. His upcoming album will have mostly solos like Silina and Mufunye from Swangz Ave and Mariana from Good Enuf, but with collaborations such as the new hit I Love The Way released in July 2010 and it features the dancehall queen, Bella. He talked to Beatrice Lamwaka.

How did you come up the name Nick Nola?
Nick Nola comes from my name Nicholas. I played around with the letters and I got Nick Nola.

Have you always wanted to be a musician?
Yes I have. I have been singing since I was four years old. As a child I sang songs of famous artistes like Ginuwine, Usher Raymond, New Edition, Boys II Men, and Michael Jackson. When I was in secondary school, basket ball became a huge part of my life but later I had to follow my dream of becoming a musician.

What are some of the things you have done that you are happy about?
I have appeared on CNN, BBC and Aljazeera. I am proud to sing with a number of biggest names in Uganda's music industry (Mesach Semakula, Blu3, Juliana, Peter Miles, Joanita Kawalya, and others) in A Little Bit of Love - a song dedicated to Uganda's struggle with HIV/AIDS. I also earn a living out of music and that’s a dream come true for me. I have a huge fan base on Facebook. I have sung to big crowds and that makes me feel good.

Who have you done collaborations with?
I have collaborated with; Jamal in two songs Aliwa and Ngenze Nono, GNL, Raba Daba and McKenzie in the song Sembera, Hip hop All Stars in the song, Brand New Day, Young Nick and Roberto (Zambian artiste and radio presenter). I sang a duet, Nkoye Okulimba with Saint C.A and with Bella and Okai (USA) in the song, I Love The Way. I sang, Black Yellow Red for Uganda which was also done by about 20 different musicians, dealing with the same theme but different stories. And I would like to work with Usher, 2 Face, Yousour Ndour and Afrigo Band.

Do you have a target for your audience?
When I sing, I have in mind the corporate, university students, the elite, youth and market vendors (Owino and Kikuubo). Ugandans recognise and appreciate talent. These days a lot of people attend concerts and they sing along and you know they are having a good time.

So where do you see yourself in five years?
I am very proud of UG Pulse. The future is bright and I am sure that so many good things will come out from my relationship with UG Pulse. I hope to become the best musician and not just in Uganda alone. I am comfortable where I am. I hope to start a music academy in order to give back to society.