Entertainment couples

Tuesday September 25 2007

HOOKED ON THE JOB: Many artistes in the same entertaiment group end up as couples. Below are some of the partners who share the bed and stage
They say that familiarity breeds contempt, but among members of the opposite sex, it could lead to breeding children. According to zookeepers, if you put two animals of same species but opposite sex in the same cage, they are bound to mate. In the same vein, our local artistes who belong to the same groups have developed relationships, some getting married while others bearing children. Below are some of the entertainment couples.

Geoffrey Lutaaya and Irene Namatovu
The Eagles Production band members have not only sung about love but have also fallen in love with each other. The year was 1998 when three buddies, Ronald Mayinja, Grace Sekamatte and Geoffrey Lutaaya started the Eagles Production and as girls joined the group as dancers, the lads would focus on which one to hook.

When Irene Namatovu, then a student at Kampala Student's Centre was recruited as a dancer in 1999, Lutaaya persuaded her into a relationship. They are now married with three children.

"I was amused by the way she wiggled her waist. We became close friends who spent most of our time together and the care she showed me proved she was the right partner for me, " Lutaaya said.

Catherine Kusasira and Fred Seruga
Catherine Kusasira who was a student at Mitala Maria joined Eagles as a dancer in 2000, another director, Fred Seruga fell in love with her. The two are now married and they are expecting their second child. Kusasira says that even before joining Eagles, she had been a fan of Seruga's love songs; especially his duets with Mariam Ndagire like Bamugamba.

"When I joined the group, he was my trainer. Even when I failed to perfect something he would never shout at me but he would calmly repeat the instructions for me," Kusasira said. She jokingly asked whether there is anybody who could resist a proposal by someone who helped her discover her talent.

Stecia Mayanja and Charles Sekyewa
Like their recruiters, the two new kids on the Eagles Production block, Stecia Mayanja and Charles Sekyewa are in love. Stecia who has a child from another man was helped by Sekyewa to join Eagles Production when he introduced her to Mesach Semakula. Sekyewa and Stecia had had a duet together before joining Eagles and the two have continued to sing duets and stay together most of the times.

Mariam Ndagire and John Ssegawa
The lovebirds belong to Afri-talents drama group. Their affair sounds more like one of their play scripts than reality because of its twists and turns. It began with Ruth Wanyana and John Ssegawa who joined the group as lovers from Makerere University. After sometime however, Ssegawa added Mariam Ndagire to his list of sweethearts.

Wanyana later defected from the group and joined Kato Lubwama's Diamonds Ensemble. The result of her defection was the triumph of Ndagire and now Segawa considers Ndagire his official wife though he has two children with Wanyana. In a recent interview, Segawa said that he checks up on his children but there is no more ding-dong between him and Wanyana who is a radio presenter on Beat FM. Segawa and Ndagire have one child called Tamale.

Sam and Sophie Gombya
Sophie and Sam Gombya formerly of the Pride Band are officially married. However, they tied the knot after having two children. They were high school friends and their love grew stronger when they joined the same band, Pride Band, which is part of the Bakayimbira's Pride Theatre establishment. Today, they are a singing duo with two joint albums and another child after tying the knot.

Ronnie Mulindwa and Salmon Sharon
The affair between Obsessions dancers Sharon Salmon and Ronnie Mulindwa is public knowledge. There are no prizes for guessing how they hooked up, because they live in the same house in Rubaga with other Obsessions members. Mulindwa has a child from a previous affair with former Obsessions member Isabella Nabuloli.

Michael Kasaijja and Natasha Sinayobe
Kasaijja and Sinayobe live together. The two founder members of the Kombat Dance Group, fell in love when they were still with the Obsessions. They have cemented their love with a child and they are still dancing partners.

Rebecca Jingo and Roy Kapale
Jingo and Kapale are both in the Diamonds Production band that is led by Kato Lubwama. They have been in love for a long time and they have stuck together despite rumours of their break-up. Kapale says there is no attraction that is stronger than the one where people are always near each other. No wonder he sang Mukyala Neighbour a song where he complains about a seductive neighbour whom he later falls for.

Abdu Mulasi and his farm
Mulasi is the true Mr Lover Lover who sung about having a farm of women. He brags about sleeping with all the women in his music group and it is hard to refute because two of them have children with him. Christine Nakiboneka who sang the song, Abasajja Bicupuli (men are bogus) is proof to Mulasi's claims as the couple is blessed with a child. Mulasi also fell in love with Kuliva whom he recruited into The Homies, his music group.

Ruth Kalibbala and Bwanika Ssensuwa
It seems you need to have taken a vow of celibacy to survive an affair in this drama group led by Abbey Mukiibi. Before they fell in love, the former Afri Talents actors and now Super FM radio presenters, Ruth Kalibbala and Bwanika Ssensuwa both of Super FM, Kalibbala was involved in another affair, and a child.

But when the actress joined Ssensuwa at the Lubaga-based radio station and started an affair, it didn't take long before the two were joined in Holy Matrimony on advice of none other than their boss, Pastor Peter Sematimba.