‘ATM Cards' for Gagamel’s Bebe Cool Concert

Tuesday July 15 2014
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Bebe cool shows off the atm cards that will be used on his show

Thirty six year-old self-proclaimed “East Africa’s biggest reggae artiste” Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool on Tuesday launched a media drive a head of his August 8, concert to be held at Victoria Ballroom, Serena.

Unlike the usual album launch shows, this time, revelers should expect the best of Bebe Cool. It will be a once in a life time experience as ‘Big Size’ takes his loyal fans to a musical journey performing his old hits like Mambo Mingi, Fitina, Sambagala, Nkwagala, Bogolako and his latest hits like Nkola Byafayo among others, coupled with spectacular lighting and sound by Steve Jean’s Fenon.

Why Serena
“We have chosen to have this event at Serena mostly because an indoor event gives us a chance to be better organised. It also gives chance to people who have not had an opportunity to see me in concert before, especially because the previous venues were not easily accessible. It is a great opportunity for my loyal fans to see me up close and personal,” the Kora All-African Awards nominee says.

Digital tickets
The Gagamel Entertainment President is setting a digital trend. This time, the Nkola byafayo singer has for the first time introduced electronic tickets in form ATM cards dubbed “Gagamel cards”.

How these digital cards will work
“Basically this digital card is like an ATM card. It is a financial card. When you buy it, you’re going to use it as a ticket to enter the concert,” he divulges before adding; “We’ll have machines at the entrance that we will use to swipe them through. Patrons will be expected to leave behind their numbers and emails so that we can fill in those details in the card. When you finish the concert, you keep it for my next concert.”

According to the singer, this card fits well in the wallet so it is a convenient way of carrying a ticket. Plus it is also one way of minimising forgery of tickets.


The only way one can buy it is at the reception of Serena starting today(Tuesday).

“What differentiates these cards is the money loaded in it. When one pays for Red Carpet, shs50, 000 will be loaded into the card. When one pays for a table, shs3 million will be loaded in it and when a fan pays for VVIP, shs5 million will be loaded in this financial card,” Bebe Cool explains how this digital financial card will work.

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