Kenzo launches Stamina album

Monday October 25 2010



Eddy Kenzo could have pulled off a good show but the one-hit wonder syndrome cut his moment of glory short. Stamina, the title song of his album and title of the concert, propelled him to a thunderous applause as soon as he stepped on stage, but fans excitement soon waned as he began a musical voyage of less popular songs like Sole na Ngato, Topowa, Gumira Kwoyo and Mugumu. Nonetheless Eddy Kenzo kept introducing the new music and tried his best to excite the crowd at Kati Kati Grounds and maintain the hyper mood that had been set by Mowzey Radio & Weasel, Jamal, Henry Tigan, Dr.

Hilderman and His Excellency Bobi Wine who actually ‘stole the show’ with good stage presence and engaging the crowd as he performed his Mr Money in which he replaced the line in his last verse about an old hajji who fell for a young Kate, with a hilarious take on the rumour mill tales of the Kampala mayor’s relationship with singer Desire Luzinda. And yes Mr Katala is still a favourite as the crowd sang along with Bobi Wine as he performed the track.

Well, to crown up the one-hour performance, Kenzo introduced his parents and then redid Stamina and the popular Stamina dance with his mohawk-haired dancer, capping a night-long gig. The crowd was big, and one of the biggest in recent times, which must have been a good thing for the concert organiser Balaam Barugahare of Balaam Enterprises.